Butler Auth: Strong, open source login security for Qlik Sense Enterprise.

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Strong login seurity does not have to be difficult.

Butler Auth greatly simplifies using authentication services such as
Microsoft, Google, Keycloak, Okta, Auth0, LDAP and others with Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows.

It does so by providing a uniform interface to commonly used Identiy Providers (IdP).
Butler Auth redirects Qlik Sense login requests to the IdP of choice,
where the user is authenticated using the IdP's user directory.

Features offered by the IdP (such as 2-factor authentication, hardware security keys etc)
are also available via Butler Auth.

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Supports leading auth providers

Google, Microsoft, Okta, Auth0, Keycloak, LDAP and others.

Full list of supported auth providers


Need to authenticate with some other identity provider?

Not a problem. Buther Auth uses Passport.js strategies, of which there are 500+.

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LDAP support

LDAP is useful as a user directory for Qlik Sense, but can also be used for authentication.

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Single user or local file directories

Sometimes you want all access to happen via a single account.

Or use a local file with user names as directory.

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Butler Auth can save data about its own memory usage for inclusion in operational monitoring tools.

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Runs anywhere

Run Butler Auth on Windows server, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes or Mac OS.

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Demo user interface included

A built-in UI makes it easy to try out different authentication options.

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Butler Auth authentication providers

Latest release: 1.0

Strong login strategies for Qlik Sense Enterprise.

Available on GitHub.

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Contributions welcome!

We do a Pull Request contributions workflow on GitHub

Have you added support for a new auth provider? Send us a pull request!

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