Auth providers

Examples of how the authentication providers can be configured.

Demo web page

Butler Auth includes a small demo web site that makes it easy to try the various authentication providers (assuming you have accounts with them, of course).

The site is just a single page with links to each authentication provider supported by Butler Auth:

Demo UI for all authentication providers

The demo site has hard coded links to a specific Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows server.
This means you can view the demo site above, but when clicking the links you won’t be able to connect to the Sense server.

Instructions for customising the demo site are available here.


Configuring Auth0.


Using Facebook Login with Butler Auth


Using Google credentials with Butler Auth.


Using Keycloak with Butler Auth.


LDAP can be used both as a source for user directory data, but also to authenticate users.

Local file

Use a local file as your user directory.


Using Microsoft credentials with Butler Auth.


Using Okta with Butler Auth.

Single user

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