Heartbeats provide a way to monitor that Butler Auth is running and working as intended.
Butler can send periodic heartbeat messages to a monitoring tool, which can then alert if Butler Auth hasn’t checked in as expected.

What’s this?

A tool like Butler Auth should be viewed as mission critical, at least if the Qlik Sense environment as such is considered mission critical.

But how can you know whether Butler Auth itself is working?
Somehow Butler Auth itself should be monitored.

Butler Auth (and most other tools in the Butler family) has a heartbeat feature.
It sends periodic messages to a monitoring tool, which can then alert if Butler hasn’t checked in as expected.

Healthchecks.io is an example of such as tool. It’s open source but also has a SaaS option if so preferred. Highly recommended!

More info on using Healthchecks.io with the Butler family can be found in this blog post.

Settings in main config file

  # Heartbeats can be used to send "I'm alive" messages to any other tool, e.g. a infrastructure monitoring tool
  # The concept is simple: The remoteURL will be called at the specified frequency. The receiving tool will then know 
  # that Butler Auth is alive.
    enable: false                     # Enable/disable healthcheck pings
    remoteURL: http://my.monitoring.server/some/path/
    frequency: frequency: 60000       # Milliseconds

Last modified 0001.01.01