Instructions for configuring the different parts of the Butler Auth config file.


Logging can be done to disk and/or console, with customisable logging levels and location of log files.


Heartbeats provide a way to monitor that Butler Auth is running and working as intended.
Butler can send periodic heartbeat messages to a monitoring tool, which can then alert if Butler Auth hasn’t checked in as expected.

Docker healthcheck

Docker has a concept of “health checks”, which is a way for Docker containers to tell the Docker runtime engine that the container is alive and well. Butler can be configured to send such health check messages to Docker.

Uptime monitor

Butler Auth can optionally log how long it’s been running and how much memory it uses. The memory usage can also (optionally) be stored to an InfluxDB database, for later viewing/alerting in for example a Grafana dashboard.

REST/web server

How to configre up the REST and web servers that Butler Auth manage.

Auth providers

How to configure the authentication providers.

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